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When Rob Kardashian started dealing with her, the consensus was, “,” but let’s take this from the realm of internet second guessing and put it into real life.

The Blac Chyna’s of the world, meaning the aggressive, confident, overtly sexy women that men claim they don’t want, get attention more times than not from those same men.

The term “good guy” is misleading, a guy can be good but still not bring confidence or charisma to the table.

Simply being nice and respectful to women doesn’t get you a fast pass to her vagina, but to hear some men complain you would think it did. Have some fucking balls and let your self-esteem shine through!

The seasons change and people go from summer freedom to fall frustration, and all eyes are on trying to lock someone down for those winter holiday months.

One of the little homies DM’d me asking about this girl we both follow on twitter, singing her praises and asking me to put in a good word for him.

Fuck what level of dick game you bring to that bedroom, it’s her pussy and she will continue to do what the hell she wants with it.

Because that kind of attitude is a virus he doesn’t want to spread to the women he deals with because they may go exploring other men and realize she likes those other options more.

I’ve heard guys soapbox on everything from SZA music, Fashion Nova outfits, and Instagram filters as gateway drugs to becoming hos and sluts. Insecure men are deathly afraid that a woman they have or one they plan on having will stray, and they rage against whatever device they feel can cause this.

When it’s not in the public eye, when she’s just a girl you meet at a club or that flirty girl that gives you an eye fuck at the gas station, she isn’t a red flag, she’s a green light. There’s a man sucking his teeth at the truth of these words because he knows he’s stuck in the friend zone with a girl that’s everything he says he loathes on the internet but worships in real life.

, then why do so many men sprint past the classy women and pick the side of the room that smells like unwashed bundles and titty sweat?

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