Who is ion overman dating

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Mia Kirshner has hinted on several occasions to being bisexual, as has Karina Lombard.While some have reported that Katherine Moennig is gay, she has never publicly said so and has repeatedly said she does not wish to discuss or disclose her sexual orientation.---------------------------------------------- The L Word screening schedule is entirely up to the stations that buy the show internationally.We have a section which tries to track airdates and inform viewers when the show will be aired and by whom. However, look up software such as bittorrent, emule, Kazaa or MIRC on Google and you might get some idea of how it is done.------------------------------------- It was tempting to list Bette's sunglasses in the guest cast list.We're thinking of starting a fanclub for Bette's sunglasses.The cast started wearing them in the show and they've taken on a life of their own.As far as we know these t-shirts are only available for retail sale through Fred Segal, an exclusive shop in LA.

------------------------------------------------- The L Word has nothing to do with Queer As Folk.

----------------------------------------------- The best way is probably to write to her or any other cast member at the following address: L Word Season V Productions Inc.

8275 Manitoba Street Vancouver, BC V5X 4L8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know we'd all love to just drop a cast member an email saying "how you going? Even if someone knew how to directly contact a star, why would they broadcast the information? The best way to contact a star is through the above address or through their personal representation.

Sarah Shahi has said she has experimented with girls in the past, but claims to be straight.

----------------------------------------------------------- Karina Lombard is really not coming back.

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