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Hillary and Management meet to discuss Hillary’s restrictions, and Management begins to look into possible accommodations.After reviewing the essential functions of Hillary’s job, Management determines that performing data entry for at least six hours per day is an essential function of Hillary’s job, and that she cannot perform her data entry job with her restrictions.SCENARIO THREE The Party is Over Jackson and his employer, Every Day Solutions, Inc., have been engaged in the interactive process for several months.Jackson, a forklift driver, has informed Every Day that he suffers from an anxiety disorder in which he experiences panic attacks.

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SCENARIO TWO My Dance Card is Full Employee Hillary, a data entry specialist, presents her employer, Management, LLC, with a doctor’s note indicating that she has developed a medical condition restricting her ability to do more than three hours of work involving fine motor skills per day.But Bit Torrent allows different "bits" of a file to be downloaded from many computers at once, hence the name.The music industry has launched legal action against a Perth internet service provider, People Telecom, which allegedly hosted websites that offer Bit Torrent files.If Hillary does not have suggestions, Management should continue to utilize its resources to identify other potential solutions, including searching for open positions for which Hillary might qualify.Management is permitted to request additional information (such as educational qualifications and work experience) that may be helpful in finding a suitable alternative position for Hillary.

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