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The official My Gig update RER 2.404 available for download. Or you can receive a free disc from Chrysler here: (Takes 4 to 8 weeks to receive) https://qna.extra.chrysler.com/rhb/r..Once the disc is burned.......

I have verified it burns fine and with Nero Media Suite 11 or Express Burn Disc Burning Software by NCH. Do not attempt to install WITHOUT THE MOTOR RUNNING!

Failure to read could turn your pretty My Gig into a expensive brick mounted in your dash!

updating mygig-33

updating mygig-7

updating mygig-88

Bug fix for MEMO record Fixed Dealer button on Emergency Screen Speed and Flow information incorrect Bug fix on radio reset during copy of large mp3 file from disc.

Increased the number of Sirius Traffic messages and speed/flow Note, i Pod support is only available today through Model Year 2009 radios via a serial port out the back of the radio. I tried to delete the HDD to clear it and start over, but the message "Deleting Please Wait" comes up and stays there for far too long.

It is not currently an upgrade for Model Year 20 radios. The HDD shows no songs or playlists, but if you check the HDD status it shows 1.5 GB used. I was able to burn the 3 updates and they loaded into the mygig with no problems. Unfortunately, I am still having problems with loading music into the HDD.

This is VERY IMPORTANT that you reset the Can Bus after each update.

OK as far as I know there is no such version as 5.671. Does you Mygig say "RER" under the USB port on the right hand side? When installing the updates did you just install the updates one right after the other without cycling the Can Bus on the Jeep?

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