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So when your driving don't be selfish by texting and not thinking of others because you put your life and others in danger. 5/31/2017 PM In a snap your whole world disappears, your existence and what part you played in it.

Metal collides with metal, bones collide with bones, people are broken and mourning.

Do you want to update your status, send out a tweet, or avoid that crash if you had picked up your phone?

12/5/2017 AM #Free Meek shoutout to the sam in the comments 11/30/2017 PM The text messages will always be there, it is better to stay safe and aware of our environment when driving because others life and future could be dependent on our driving resposnsibilties.She is actually facing serious legal ramifications, and her life is forever changed. I am a beginner driver that can tell when someone is texting and make the roads so much more dangerous !There have also been too numerous accidents to count caused by this form of distracted driving here. When you first start driving everything is new and I need everyone to be alert !!There are a lot of teenagers out there who think it is okay to text and drive especially those who are just getting their license.It’s very dangerous to text and drive because you are making others around you more susceptible to get into a wreck with you because you are not paying attention and could run into their car.

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