Sophomore and junior dating

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Some other parents are arranging big sleepovers and breakfasts after the event. Realistically, he can't expect his sophomore date to have the same privileges as he and neither should your daughter. Are you fearful that she will be temped to drink alcohol or try drugs?Plus, I know some boys are getting hotel rooms at the venue. If these are your fears, address them with your daughter.Jan Faull, MEd, is a veteran parent educator and the author of four parenting books, including Darn Good Advice -- Baby and Darn Good Advice -- Parenting.She writes a biweekly parenting advice column for this site and a weekly parenting advice column in the Seattle Times.I want to be able to chat about this with her, without her totally dismissing what I have to say. Maybe go out on a lunch date or picnic, something nice that says, "I love you, so let's talk and spend some time together." She may not understand at her age that even a couple years can be drastic for teens in terms of mental development, maturity, experience, and what they want to spend their time doing.

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And I certainly can't allow you to sleep at a hotel on prom night."Go with her to buy her a beautiful dress and shoes.Jan Faull is the mother of three grown children and lives in the Seattle area.All content here, including advice from doctors and other health professionals, should be considered as opinion only.Anyway, I've only allowed her to "date" in groups so far, so this would be a big step. If she participates in all these events as a sophomore she'll likely be bored with the folderol by time she herself is a senior. What will she have to look forward to if she engages in all the prom events as a sophomore?I think I am okay with the dance by itself, but I'm a little freaked out by all the after parties. Some might argue that it's unfair for the young man who is a senior to miss the various parties, breakfasts, and sleepovers. Are you fearful that she'll be lured into an unfortunate sexual situation with this senior?

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