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That is why, in the news media, concrete acts matter less than what people say, and beliefs are more important than truth.

Hence, the discussion is primarily about who said what, what terms were used, how quickly did he say it, and the like.

They have even managed to overturn laws passed by elected officials in several states.

Actually, corporatism has its roots in Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages and was further developed in the 19 century by Pope Leo XIII.

As an alternative, let me point out that Ernst Junger published Eumesil when he was 82 years old. Left wingers misunderstand the term “corporatism” as used in Fascist Italy to mean what is called a “corporation” in the USA.

He then graphs his samples, and surprisingly noticed a pattern in the graphs, forming what is now called the “bell curve”.

He manipulates the numbers, eventually discovering the average number of heads in a sample and even derives secondary information such as standard deviations. Even though each individual coin toss is independent, and has no relation to what came before or after, as a whole, there is a recognizable pattern.

Bernard Lonergan, in A statistical intelligibility is grasped by an inverse insight that there is no direct insight available.

But while we often understand that many events cannot be functionally related to each other, we also may understand that an entire set of such events within a specific time and place will cluster about some average.

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