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I left an IB church recently and with a group of about ten former IBs we started a Sunday bible study/fellowship and it is just such a blessing to be away from the legalism and politics of it all. I need help on what I can do to get my daughter home! I come from a very fundamental, "Independent, Bible Believing, Baptist" Church.

It is the only type of church I have attended since the day I was saved by Christ on March 24, 2004.

It didn’t dawn on me that I’d have to be spoon fed from the same *pastor* my whole life. ….Jesus say I’d need some MAN = pastor to be my shepherd for the rest of my days????

I have only one shepherd…the LORD IS MY SHEPHERD…not some “pastor”. that if the *church* felt like a prison, not to worry, because Paul said “he was a prisoner for Christ….” What a twisting of scriptures! I was told I was saved by grace…BUT…upon willingly leaving the group, we were then punished by being “excommunicated – church disciplined” & judged.

We were not allowed to be “convinced in our own minds “.

Pastor made up his mind & convinced us of HIS mind. that if I was going to miss church, I ‘d need to call *pastor* I didn’t realize that my spirituality or relationship with God was tied into “church attendance”.

Pastor was judge, jury & executioner of us & our characters. We gave up so much of our lives for that group….cruelty & betrayal describes what we experienced, in addition to other adjectives I wont bring up right now. BUT…the pulpit *pastor* screamed “anyone is FREE TO LEAVE this church!!!! was put under the law in ways that the Catholic church I grew up in NEVER DARED. The religion I was in for some 19 years had NO FREEDOM, it was BONDAGE. All of what I was told WASN’T ABOUT GOD OR HIS GRACE it was about a RELIGIOUS SYSTEM & putting my family & I in BONDAGE.

” Free to leave would be a hug & a blessing, not a curse in an “excommunication/exclusion letter”, public rebuking, character assassination & made to feel that you are satan’s minions because you wouldn’t bow down to an Independent-Primitive-Baptist-Calvinist- religious dictator. I will believe Xpastor has an ounce of integrity when he has our excommunication sermon & the sermons of every person ever “church disciplined”, UNEDITED & available for purchase or download to the general public so that people can REALLY see what goes on & they can see what “Free to leave” is, according to Xpastor. I had burdens heaped on me HEAVY to be borne that the Catholic church would never have imagined to put on me in this life. It’s all done under the guise of TRUE RELIGION where supposedly God’s grace is taught.

We were told if we left that the brethren would “wash their hands of us” This sounds more like a gang than a church! if a *true church* didn’t materialize in our homestate, “that we would do well to consider relocating our lives to live by the *true church*” Of course I don’t recall pastor teaching on..”the kingdom of God comes not with observation, neither shall they say, Lo here! This was very disconcerting…told pastor about our struggles, missing our family, feeling like outsiders…then….. ”…..(never mind that we moved our lives for it & were told *they* were now our “spiritual family”….) talk about a bait & friggen switch!!We no longer agreed w/ the half anymore, yet we were judged for following our own God given conscience. What about not judging a person “with respect to an holy day….?” I guess forbidding holidays is a good way to keep folks alienated from their families who choose to celebrate the holidays.)..doesn’t God say “I will be with you whithersoever thou goest?” Would God leave us because of where we choose to LIVE?? “the pastor is to rule the church as the minister of Christ…hence the church is governed by Christ through His written word being administered by His appointed overseer, the PASTOR”…..that’s just fancy wording for THE PASTOR RUNS THE CHURCH.of story. Funny how he would brag that he, like Paul was “chief of sinners”..well, if you’re a sinner like us lowly sheep, how come you have absolutely no checks & balances set up to make sure that you don’t become corrupted with power & narcissism? that to leave that *church* would be leaving the kingdom of God & the body of Christ.

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