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CNeolithic (new stone age) Period begins; first evidence of farming appears; stone axes, antler combs, pottery in common use.3000 B. CControl of society passes from priests to those who control the manufacture of metal objects.c.1200-1000 B.CNew Stone Age begins: farming people arrive from Europe. CMost stone circles in British Isles erected during this period; pupose of the circles is uncertain, although most experts speculate that they had either astronomical or ritual uses.c.2300 B. CEmergence of a warrior class who now begins to take a central role in society.c.1100 B.CMetal coinage comes into use; widespread contact with continent.c.100 B.

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The three UK-wide political parties - Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats - campaigned together as part of the Better Together campaign while the pro-independence Scottish National Party was the main force in the Yes Scotland campaign, together with the Scottish Green Party and the Scottish Socialist Party.

Days before the vote, with the opinion polls closing, the three Better Together party leaders issued The Vow, a promise of more powers for Scotland in the event of a No vote.

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Nationalist government in Scotland 2007 saw the first ever election victory for the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) in the Scottish Parliament elections.

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    This bed is characterized by an unusual depletion of C that indicates a sudden climatic change at the end of the Marinoan ice age.

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    The detailed report of the research and its findings* can be found in the October 19, 2012 issue of edition is a selection of the best stories published in Popular Archaeology Magazine in past issues, with an emphasis on some of the most significant, groundbreaking, or fascinating discoveries in the fields of archaeology and paleoanthropology and related fields.