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The mixtum and reticulatum of the north wall were presumably used because it was not a facade - latericium is often preferred for facades.The continuation of the west wall beyond the line of the north wall indicates that to the north the building was continued or planned to be continued.Along the west wall is a low sidewalk, the edge of which is indicated by a row of basalt blocks. According to Van der Meer it may have been a boundary marker, not only of the insula, but also of one of Ostia's ancient regiones, which are mentioned in an inscription [7].

Before my work in Ostia the building as a whole had been studied by Becatti [3].To this period belong the whole of the north wall (including a door and a partially blocked door changed into a window), most of the east wall (including a blocked door), a small part of the south wall, the lower part of the west wall (covered by a row of bricks, sesquipedales and bipedales at the average height 0.25), and some of the masonry above the row.The masonry is opus mixtum (north wall), opus reticulatum (north wall) and opus latericium.The House of the Gorgons was excavated shortly before, or during the first years of, the Second World War.There may be some information about the excavation in the Giornale degli Scavi, but I have not been able to check this.

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