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Mary’s School, as well as 491 other assorted friends, relatives, and acquaintances—all at once, instantaneously, no trips to the post office necessary. It's all personal use and when someone bores me I stop following them so that I never have to deal their posts again.

With the click of a button we can see what Percival’s cute little daughter had for breakfast this morning, or what Annabelle’s pet dog wore to last year’s Halloween party. I feel the type of people described in this article don't really have much self control.

Internet marketers are also trying to manipulate what you think is cool. You can wind up in a "bad" neighborhood if you don't know who your friends really are. opthalmic instrumets I have used Facebook and realized something quite interesting. Instead of taking the time to drive somewhere and spend time with friends - all of that can now be avoided by "liking" a post or making an admirable comment. Overtime these friendships can get lighter and less meaningful. Here's a test for all those 'friends' - ask them to help you move. Of course I am being sarcastic however I believe there is a truth to it.

People are paid to make tweets and to post to Facebook. Social websites seemed interesting at first but then I realized they are nothing more than an affirmation of one's existence. I stopped using that site and hosted a "Quit Facebook BBQ", with friends. Also, all this 'selfie' nonsense on FB, and everywhere else...smells of narcissism. Love it :) I quit FB a year ago, and don't miss it at all!

facebook gives serious punishment if people reject your friend request. facebook is affectin your mental health when you play game, u play to high level then facebook disabled you who join listia must know what I am saying.

admin in facebook and admin in listia go around sites saying their own site is good and nice when a lot of people anti both sites.

those people if really not want to add people they not know they should state in their own facebook profiles "SORRY I DONT ADD PEOPLE I DONT KNOW PLEASE REALLY DONT SEND ME FRIEND REQUEST" not to punish those who send people friend requests. Businesses and peoples reputations are so easily ruined on social media.But like all benefits in life, Facebook comes with its psychological costs—many of them invisible. That or they lack any conscious decisions in what is fun.Indeed, a recent study found that heavy Facebook users experience decreases in subjective well-being over time (Kross et al., 2013). They are happier and having better lives than I am: the impact of using Facebook on perception toward others’ lives. Whenever I read theses types of articles I always feel that I'm better than most people.have to do this kind of unnecessary thing together with ????? start this site, but in 2008 it start to disable my profile, then it keeps a lot of troubles especially frend request thing.friend request in facebook can only be sent to people who would confirm your friend request.

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