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Ross is furious with Brett for lying and putting the pack in jeopardy and boots him off the football team.Later, an angry Brett wants Lexie to run with him but she refuses, saying that no one runs without Lukas.He and Lexie help Lukas to Coach Ross's house for him to fix up the bullet wound, all three swearing that the hunter hadn't seen anything and that nothing happened and that they ran away from the hunter.

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He is in love with her therefore he would do anything for her.(Identity Crisis) Brett is the model Gates Academy student as part of the The Gates Academy Football team.

These gates have the interesting feature of only allowing one person to pass at a time, so, when a lady and gentleman are out walking in the country, the gentleman invites the lady to pass through the gate first, but then she has in effect to close the gate on him in order to pass herself, thereby affording a good opportunity to turn round and demand a kiss before letting her companion pass through.

I was always lead to believe that these gates were often placed on the entrances to churchyards so that unmarried couples could not pass through.

However, he refuses to listen to her when he sees her in the hallway looking weak and moving slow.

He pulls her into an empty classroom and kisses her - giving her his energy.

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