Indian parents and dating

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How can you help a child cope with depression because of poor marks?This question assumes that there will be depression if there are poor marks.He was very polite and soft spiking man but when he sing songs like Dil Ke zarokhe (Brahmachari) you can not immage that this song is sang by Rafisaab. UNDOUBTEDLY RAFI SAHAB IS THE BEST SINGER AND WILL REMAIN THE best SINGER OF ALL TIMES. You are the most likeable person After my parents, friends and vijay... One reason is that she almost won 4 National awards and different state awards and film fare awards within this shortest span of time. Her rendition of romantic, soft numbers are flawless. Suppose to be in top 5 along with another melody SP Bala. She can sing Lataji's type of song but Lataji can't sing her type of song. I have not any word for kumar because my heart is good feel when I play kumar's songs. super voice can make any genre of song a superhit... he dedicates all his tym to his music and family... He can sing all types of song folk, melody, fast beat, etc. Specially his voice can mold in any pitch and words pronunciation is very well. He will sing the songs by understanding of the writer version and their thought. He is the king of indian cinema and most famous for his classical songs of every kind. His legendary songs would forever echo in our mind. He is the best songer that our industry has got in the 21st century.. He has visited border at the time of India Pakistan war to bust the morale of our army, hence Pakistan Govt. NOBODY CAN EVER ACHIEVE THOSE HEIGHTS WHAT HE HAD ACHIEVED... enough to describe - akashkumar Lata Mangeshkar She is the one of the greatest singer in Indian history - mailingvickey LATA JI IS THE MOST TALENTED AND THE MOST HONOURED SINGER OF CENTURY HER VOICE IS TRULY AMAZING Best singer in the whole world Very good Singer and best Singer Sonu Nigam most versatile singer possessing a delicious voice, he sings with 0 error He is the best singer ever. Soft heartedness voice We R lucky To Your songs in Our Playlists Asha Bhosle Amazing voice. Asha Bhosle if not number 1 must be no 2 no one is near Great Asha ji. I am a music academy director from India and never was impressed by anyone. He has a amazing voice and it is god gift for kumar. BETTER THAN UDIT NARAYAN AND SONU NIGAM Alka Yagnik I Just Love Your Voice Alka Jee... datz kk-most versatile singer at present Kk is very talented singer of India and I want that kk will become top singer of the world I would listen to anything kk sings honestly... That's what the man is He can sing anything with perfection.. Other singers learn to be versatile, but KK is born versatile! And the exciting part is that he has never learnt singing in a formal way... Best singer of all time, Melody, jazz, pop everyting. I think KJY sir and SPB should be 1st and 2nd in this list... While singing all these aspects will be in his songs. No body can sing a song mixing all these qualities while singing. While singing, the situation or scene of the cinema, we can imagine with his singing without seeing the film. No doubt there is a mistake in the top 10 singers list. He has a fresh voice, truly you are a rockstar YOUR VOICE FOR MY HEART TOUCH A. Rahman Allah-Rakha Rahman, is an Indian composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, musician and philanthropist. Even a very poor song ll be beautiful when atif executes it... Really worried about why he is getting insulted by other senior singers in many stages.. God of singing - rohan223 Kishore Kumar Kishore Kumar was an Indian film playback singer, actor, lyricist, composer, producer, director, and screenwriter. Yodelling God in India new commers are still tracing his path. Can't believe Mukesh sahab is at 39, something seriously wrong with the ranking system. After pehli nazar in 1945 he was the master of all the singers, that is why he won the best male playback singer award for the first time and later on he received the same prizes for many times. Sunidhi chauhan is best singer she sing fast songs and slow songs and she is best stage show she is only rock star in India Every singer sings good, that is why they are singers. But in Best Music Directors forever List of India... He is considered one of the most successful playback singers of the Hindi film industry. Kishore kumar has a very pleasant voice that touches directly to heart within no time as his voice finds her path in the ear. - praveentopten I think Kishore kumar is the king of Indian all singers no doubt. This is completely injustice to list him at the bottom. Piper really shows her good heart, her vulnerability and fearless nature you never knew she had until this came along.

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Mark was a great guy, but the story was to focused on him and not on the sisters.Mohammad Rafi Mohammed Rafi was an Indian playback singer and one of the most popular singers of the Hindi film industry.The most versatile singer India has ever produced, sang each song with such distinction, that left the listeners spellbound.Yet a few things I liked where the music, the homely clothes the girls wear and exploring different parts of San Francisco.While I Love the house and opening credits it would be boring of it was the same set all the time.

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