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This is a thorough, time-intensive process that seeks to locate all mines so that the land or sea area may be safely returned to normal use. Even if only a small handful of mines remain undiscovered, incomplete demining can actually lead to an increase in civilian mine casualties as local people re-occupy an area they previously avoided in the belief that it has been made safe.

In this context demining is one of the tools of mine action.

Mines with no metal at all have been produced, but are rare.

Areas where metal is detected are carefully probed to determine if a mine is present; the probing must continue until the object that set off the metal detector is found.

These vehicles are designed to withstand the explosions with little damage.

Some are operated directly with armour to protect the driver; some are operated under remote control.

A large-scale international effort has been made to test and evaluate existing and new technologies for humanitarian demining, notably by the EU, US, Canadian and Japanese governments and by the Mine Action Centres of affected countries.

The main methods used for humanitarian demining on land are: manual detection using metal detectors and prodders, detection by specially trained mine detection dogs, and mechanical clearance using armored vehicles fitted with flails, tiller or similar devices.

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Tools have historically included many trained animals, including dogs and rats, but most often in the modern world minesweepers rely on metal detectors or vehicles with a wide variety of mechanical tools attached to them.Well-trained dogs can sniff out explosive chemicals like TNT in landmines, and are used in several countries. These animals also have the advantage of being far lower mass than the typical human.They are less likely to set off small mines intended to injure or kill people, if the bomb-sniffing animal crosses directly over the top of a buried mine.There also are or have been other methods developed to detect mines, including the use of trained marine mammals, bacteria, acoustics, and other more exotic methods. and other armies, mine clearance is carried out by combat engineers.In the combat zone, the process is referred to as mine clearance. The military priority is to breach the minefield quickly in order to create a safe path for troops or ships.

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