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Kelly closed the door, and seeing a chance to escape from the situation, Susie went to the kitchen, and got herself busy in some work. She didn’t say anything to Susie, and got busy in doing work. “Suck it deep, like this,” Kelly said grabbing her son’s cock, and sucking it deep.

Susie again wrapped her soft lips around Jeff’s cock, and took it as deep as she could.

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Kelly was a thirty-nine year-old busty and beautiful woman.

“Sorry,” Susie said and tried to close the door immediately. Susie was starring at the big hard cock of Jeff, she was watching Jeff’s firm hard moving all over his hard cock. He was starring at Susie beautiful breasts, a little cleavage was showing as the top button on Susie’s frock was undone. She was stepping back, and Kelly kept coming closer to her. ” Susie kept quite, she had no idea what was going in Kelly’s mind. Now you suck it,” Kelly said, and Jeff turned a little bringing his cock closer to Susie’s mouth.Jeff was a pervert, so he never felt ashamed starring at Susie’s sweet cleavage and thighs. “A boy in my neighborhood,” Susie replied, a little louder this time. They entered in Jeff’s room, and saw Jeff still sitting in his chair and doing some mathematics problems. Kelly grabbed the shorts of his son, and pulled it down quickly revealing Jeff’s semi hard cock. “Grab it, and stroke it like this,” Kelly guided Susie’s hands asking her to stroke Jeff’s cock. She unbuttoned her gown, and let her son feel her big boobs.Jeff’s dad was out of town, and that’s why Kelly had asked Susie to clean the bookshelf, otherwise Jeff’s dad wouldn’t have let anyone touch his books. Kelly looked up at Jeff, and she noticed him looking down at her cleavage. Susie was totally shocked, but she started understanding what really was going on between this dirty mother and perverted son.Jeff was slowly moving his hands on Susie’s naked body.He was feeling her fine boobs, her flat stomach and then he finally touched Susie’s wet pussy.

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