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So I’ve got my bed all set up for some private fun. His wife Sarah knows her husbands secret forbidden fantasy… Step in the world of the dominant wife who has total control of her husband and uses that control for […] Masturbation and sexual denial are all that is left for this cuckold slave, after his wife of 11 years invites her former lover to come over and give her the kind of fucking her little dicked hubby could never give her. I’m from Vancouver, Canada – you know us Canadians, we love our ice hockey.

[…] James is a husband so desperate to please his wife that he would do anything that she tells him to. We […] I was at a party last night and was treated to just the most wonderful display of classic cuckoldry!

Sam can’t sell any houses and the bills are piling up.

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Sit here next to me.’ ‘I’m sorry darling, I know I shouldn’t giggle but it does feel strange with you naked except for your little chastity belt thing, while I’m fully dressed. As she left the living room to go into the kitchen to wash her hands she heard the door bell ring…. How many times have you pulled into a rest stop and imagined that there might be some sexy wife just waiting to entertain you and a few of your buddies. Not really for your pleasure but to humiliate my husband. he hates any way he is 5’7 150 pounds 38 […] A story from my wife. After twenty years of faithful marriage he started pestering me to be more dominant.

i would also give discounts to tramps and let them do her fo… ” Lisa quietly exclaimed to her friend Jean as they sat together in a small booth during their lunch hour.

Lisa and Jean were both attractive successful attorneys in their thirties, who worked together at the same law firm.

Even now, looking back from the vantage point of several months gone by, it seems kind of surreal.

Except it did happen, and the situation continues to evolve and get more strange.

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