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Fabrics such as nylon parchment (a durable stiff very smooth material often used as an underskirt for supporting a bouffant slip’s layers of nylon horse hair netting, and taffeta and organza from soft to stiff; also tulle, usually in layers of fine nylon netting, usually without a bottom edge binding and used extensively as a simple “filler” type of petticoat under wedding gowns and for their veils, and under a ballerina’s tutu; also chiffon, an overskirt of light material, made with a slightly rough nylon weave that produces an exciting “whispering” sound as it moves over the smoother and harder finished material of a gown or fancy cocktail dress (sometimes called an “evening dress”) under it.Sheer nylon stockings replace silk stockings, but still have a seam down the back of them that women always try to keep straight, and are subject to getting “runs,” a ladder-like separation of the nylon weave that women try to stop by applying a drop of clear nail polish to the run (only an emergency repair till good nylons can be put on, women often carrying extra nylons in their pocketbooks).Stockings require a garter belt to be put on first before a woman’s panties, with its garter straps and tabs pulled down through her panties’ leg openings, both in the front and at the back of her legs, making it unnecessary to take it off when she pulls her panties down to relieve herself, or as women say, “freshen up.” “Poufy”...a fashion term used for women’s and girls’ (beginning at the toddler age), dresses and skirts, means 'filled out or puffy,' though women always call it poufy.A dress or skirt with several petticoats under it was said to have “lots of pouf” to it, a frequent compliment made among women.“Prissy”..adjective, refers to the fussy way little girls manage the skirts of their dresses, bouffant slips or petticoats, always putting their hands behind them and smoothing their dresses under them when they sit down “like Mommy does, ”fluffing them up, smoothing away wrinkles on their dresses with their hands, primping or getting Mommy to re-tie the bow or bows on their hair, and always being careful to stay nice and clean “like a good little girl” when they play.on a modelling runway in the club’s large prettily decorated meeting hall (formerly the hall used for the state’s principal Grange chapter where farmers discussed such delicate subjects as whether cow manure or horse manure was better for fertilizing fields to grow corn). Dorothy Gibson...a mentally gifted expert surgeon, specializing in female hormone injections and sexual reassignment surgery, her twelve year old sissy patients following a series of female hormone injections and a daily regimen of female hormone pills, along with the sex change surgery are lovingly referred to as “Gibson girls” by their satisfied mothers, step-mothers, aunts, and the sissies’ older sisters in the petticoating club. A dramatic fashion change in women’s and girls’ clothes occurs.The new bouffant fashion decreed by the fashion designers of Paris, France of wearing multiple petticoats under full dresses and skirts arrives in America, with women usually wearing a full length or half slip and two or three petticoats under their dresses to give them the desired bouffant appearance, while little and pre-teen girls wear pretty bouffant slips under their dresses.The horrible cheap polyester fabric that always gets pulls and a balling up of its fibers isn’t used for making clothes yet except as an insulating material for winter coats.

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The younger woman was a snooty gal, but she was the first gorgeous looking woman to appear on his boring job in a year or more.But he brightened up and smiled when he saw the two pretty women.One look at Sweeney with his pencil-thin moustache and oily looking slicked black hair and Lilith sized him up as a pathetic little bureaucrat with an inflated ego.To make the whole business even more unpleasant, the lecherous Sweeney kept leering at Lilith during the entire time they were there.Lilith regarded Sweeney as if he was some sort of barnyard animal, and returned his leering with a look as would split rocks (an Irish expression)!

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    In a study by the first author it was found that ten regular wheelchair users with pressure ulcers spent 1231 days or 3.37 years in hospital for ongoing treatment of pressure ulcers [8].