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I highly recommend going through the Cambridge University Raspberry Pi tutorials as they are excellent.If you want to learn a bit of assembler too, then definitely head off to there!The linker’s job is to link everything into an executable file. The linker script tells the linker how to organise the various object files.The linker will resolve symbols to addresses when it has arranged all the objects according to the rules in the linker script.This is the compiler I’m using throughout these tutorials.

On Linux install the relevant package which is usually something like I tried the current 4.9 release and it doesn’t work with some of the examples here, it generates incorrect code, so stick to the 4.7 series until that’s sorted out.For the Raspberry-Pi 2 we know that the architecture is different.The ARM1176 from the original pi has been replaced by a quad core Cortex A7 processor.By all the screaming coming from the hall This has happened to everyone and every business at least once, but sometimes it can become a more regular occurrence and even progress to worse situations like data-loss.Over time most IT systems from desktops to servers start to degrade and require regular maintenance and monitoring to prevent these types of issues.

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