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She was very flirtatious and sexy and having big boobs she loved to show a lot of cleavage.

When she wore jeans or trousers her pussy was very noticeable and shown a huge camel toe, Meg caught me staring at it many times and I'd fantasised over it a few times while masturbating.

We had a nineteen year old daughter who was away at university.Go ahead then.' My phone pinged, it said 'picture messaged attached.' I opened it and there was a photo of meg naked from the waist up showing me her huge tits.The message said, 'there we're even now.' I replied, 'wow, they're fucking amazing Meg but we're not really even as mine wasn't a topless photo, it was bottomless lol.' Hoping that she'd show more. About fifteen minutes later my phone pinged again, I was nervous to open it but hesitantly I pressed the button, there it was, a photo of Meg laid on her back on her bed, her legs were wide open and there was a close up of her pussy.I'd seen probably thousands on the internet but this was my wife's best friend and my friend of twenty odd years.I sent Meg a text, 'oh god, you're so fucking sexy, if you were here I'd eat your pussy and fuck you all night.' 'Shame I'm not there then lol.' I forwarded the pic to my i Pad so I could see it clearer.

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