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For example, a usually calm quieter person can then spend 48 hours partying and flirting with strangers.This can leave you feeling very confused about who you really are beneath the erratic acting out.If we didn’t hit the right markers of psychological and emotional growth, we can be left an adult who lacks a real idea of who they are.

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Role Confusion level, where we learn to be true to ourselves.We might know we are moody, or that we act differently or depending on who we are around.We are not, for example, going to act the same around a romantic partner as we act around our parents or colleagues.Of course we can all feel like we don’t know who we are when we experience a challenging time in life.If we lose our job, or a loved one, if we have to move countries and leave our family behind, all these things can leave us so bereft we temporarily lose sight of ourselves. A real identity crisis is when we don’t form a proper sense of self as an adolescent (see the section below “why do I lack a sense of identity”).

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